With so many variables when importing/exporting, it is impossible to list prices for everything. But, here are some basic services that we can list prices for:

Animal Quarantine Japan import paperwork filing, inspection reservation: 10,000JPY

Animal Quarantine Japan export paperwork filing, inspection reservation: 5,000JPY

Haneda Airport, pick up/drop off: 20,000JPY (with stopover in Tokyo: 25,000JPY)

Narita Airport, pick up/drop off: 25,000JPY (with stopover in Tokyo: 32,000JPY)

Japan Kennel Club Export Pedigree: 17,000JPY

Overnight Kenneling at JDE (location Tateyama city): 2,000-5,000JPY

1 Month Kenneling at JDE: 50,000JPY

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